This is not a revolution. This is not all your dreams come true. This is only a place for me to, most of the time, copy stuff from my other blog so more people can read it, and so I can leave comments on blogger sites. I’m not going to be limiting this site to any certain topics, and no topics are off-limits. I will edit nothing, delete nothing, and promise nothing.

So. About me: 24 years old. Male. 6 foot 3. Skinny. Have been known to have trouble finding pants and shirt sleeves which are long enough. Am going into graduate school for architecture this fall. Am a reader, a watcher of television, a listener-to of music, and a lover of movies. Enjoy girls who curse. Am a sports fan (Redskins, Reds, University of Cincinnati, Chelsea). Am a Libertarian but will vote for people in other parties. Am a Christian, an Episcopalian. Am not of the belief that abortion and homosexuality are the only issues Christians should care about. Believe that the Buddha will get into Heaven before Jerry Falwell will, and who am I to say they both will or won’t be there?

That is me. This is my blog. That’s all.


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