I cannot begin to tell you how furious I am that there are people using this Virginia Tech tragedy to push their own political agenda. Barbara Boxer, a democratic senator from California said, in her statement, “now is the time to consider gun control,” and conservative talk radio hosts here in Charlotte are talking about how this wouldn’t have been so bad if concealed weapons would have been allowed on Tech’s campus like they are in the rest of the state. People on both sides of the gun issue are using their public soapbox to push agendas, and it makes me angry. This is not the time to push your thoughts and agendas. This is not a time to blame people on the other side of your issues. Look, I don’t care what your thoughts on gun control are. You can think whatever you want, but this is absolutely not the time to make public statements about your thoughts on it. People are using this horrible event for their own personal gain, and I don’t understand how people can do that. How egotistical must you be to say things like “now is the time to consider gun control” when there are wounded people laying in hospital beds trying to recover from yesterday’s horror? How about using your public voice to talk about the students and professors who died, or maybe those who lived and helped save others? This is not the time for your own political agenda, this is a time to pray and mourn and talk about people like this guy, a holocaust survivor who became a hero yesterday: http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D8OIFQKG0&show_article=1

Pray. Think. Hug your family and thank God they are safe. Do not push your politics right now.


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