We’re Serious About Terrorism, We Promise

Oh boy, the U.S. government is really serious about fighting terrorism, aren’t they? They’re arresting bad guys all over the world! They’re using hastily-made laws to hold people illegally and spy on innocent people! Mission Accomplished!

Well, maybe not: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/nation/4731403.html.

To sum up: If you’re a former CIA operative who has a bunch of info about the dirty deeds done dirt cheap by the CIA over the years, and you might be willing to spill your guts about it…okay, we’ll let you go. Sure, you blowed up a plane real good, killing 73 people, many of them teenage students, but you didn’t blow up an American plane and that’s what counts! Your supporters in Miami are cheering and hailing you as a freedom fighter right now, but you’re against Castro and Chavez and so are we! How can you possibly be a terrorist if you think the same way we do? I mean, that’s not even possible!

Wait a minute, people in other parts of the world are going to see this and realize we’re not as serious about fighting terrorism as we pretend to be? Well, uhhhh, maybe we can arrest some more Arabs or release a conveniently-timed confession to the news channels. Round up the usual suspects, George!


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