People everywhere are saying that the Golden State Warriors are Jazz. I propose they are also Classical. This Golden State season as relates to Berlioz’ “Symphonie Fantastique”:

Baron’s career pre-this year was the first movement. We were introduced to the theme, an artist’s (Baron’s) love for his beloved (the Game).

The first half of this Warriors season was the second movement. Rising and falling, portraying a lonely soul (Davis) amidst gaiety. Davis struggling to make his mark, finally, on The League.

The end of the season when everything was coming together for Golden State was the third movement. The artist (Davis) and his beloved (the Game) calling back and forth. Movement ends with distant thunder (what we all were starting to recognize in the warriors near the end of the season).

This series with Dallas was the fourth movement, a fevered dream, and last night was the end of that movement, the part everyone knows with the drumroll, beheading, and head (of the MVP and maybe NBA as we know it) hitting the ground. A landmark moment.

And the rest of these playoffs may very well be the fifth movement. Spirits marching through the graveyard, church bells, the twisted beautiful vulgarity of the beloved’s (the Game’s) theme. Golden State may have changed the theme, twisted it just enough to make it strange but familiar, and sometimes horrifying, just like the Harpies in Hell twist the beloved’s theme.


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