Yet another burnside writers collective article:

After reading the article, I have decided I am going to do the same thing. Like the writer of the article, I have ground rules also: I can sew my own things if i need to during this year and I can accept gifts if I absolutely need to. Those are my two rules. And I’m not going to be like “oh, all I want for Christmas and my birthday are clothes since that gets me around the no-buying rule.” I don’t think I‘ll have a problem with cold feet or hands like the author of the article did because it doesn’t get cold in South Carolina.

One thing though: before I start this year of buying no clothes, I feel I do need to buy three things. One pair of shoes, from target, for 35.00 because the shoes I have now will absolutely not last through the year and I don’t want to have to rely on a gift for something like shoes which can get expensive. Also, one pair of khaki pants to wear to work, from target for 19.99, because the one pair I own have been too short for a couple years now. Also, one pair of jeans, not more than 40.00, because the one pair I own are, like the khaki pants, too short. And then I will give away the khaki pants and jeans I have right now.

As soon as i can get those three items, my year of not buying any clothes will start. I’ll tell you when it does I guess.


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