What better way to memorialize dead soldiers than by having a big sale?

Yesterday I got to see William, one of my old roommates from Nashville. He was down for the race this past weekend and we met up in Charlotte for lunch. We had time to kill after lunch and we wanted to hang out a bit and catch up, so we went to the mall right next to where we ate. It’s the nice mall in town, the one with the Tiffany’s and Louis V. and Swarovski Crystal stores. Pretty high-priced stuff. It’s in the area of town where all the pro athletes live, and it’s got two (two!) abercrombie stores. Filled with kind-of-hot girls but you know they’re probably shallow and spoiled by their parents, and then realize it’s probably morally wrong to think of people in stereotypes like that. Anyway, we went over there for a couple hours.

It’s a different experience to go to the mall when you know going in that you’re not going to buy any clothes but it’s not because you’re broke. It’s kind of a feeling of “why even go into the store, it’s just going to make me want to buy clothes,” but it’s not quite that. It would be that if I didn’t have any money. But now that I have money and I’m voluntarily not buying clothes, maybe it’s more of a “why even go into the store, there’s no reason to even think about clothes” kind of feeling. It was kind of freeing to just be able to walk around and not care about looking at anything. We just sat and talked for a while too as everyone walked by us carrying their bags. It was a really different mall trip, and I liked it.

Also, on a different note: there’s an article up on the Burnside site about sex and Christianity. It doesn’t get into the issue too too heavily, and this isn’t the right place for me to broadcast my views on sex, but maybe go check out the article and start a dialogue with yourself and others on the issue. http://www.burnsidewriterscollective.com/general/2007/05/sex_god_and_rock_roll.php


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