If you’re very tired of hearing about immigration stuff, you don’t have to read this. Or if you already know my stance on stuff and don’t want to hear anymore from me. This entry is optional if you’d like it to be.

In church on Sunday my priest was giving his sermon and in part of it he talked about God’s creation and how we are all equals and, all of us, created in the image of God and to deny love to anyone at all is to basically deny God’s creation, or say that not all of it was good, etc.

And then Sunday night at the little discussion group I go we were watching a short video and the guy was talking about the supremacy of Christ over racism and intolerance, etc. And even if you’re one of my readers who doesn’t believe in Jesus, you can see what I mean when I say that if God is love, as we Christians proclaim and hopefully even believe, then his supremacy over racism and intolerance must be a supremacy of love.

And so I was thinking about this while I was listening to a conservative talk radio station on the way home from work two days ago. Normally I don’t like to listen to that station because it can get fairly acidic, but every so often I’ll tune in to see what they’re talking about.

I have become one who tries to advocate the cause of Mexican immigrants into this country, because I believe we should not deny them the chance at the better life brought on by coming to the United States. I have looked at the issue as more of a equal rights kind of issue, but almost exclusively through political lenses. I didn’t really tie it into my religion too much because it just fit so easily into my political views that I didn’t have to stretch for a reason to accept the immigrants, and nobody in the media really ties it into anything besides politics.

But with the sermon on Sunday morning and the video on Sunday night I have realized that this issue is very much a religious one, at least to me. To deny these immigrants our love and our help is to deny the Creation, and to deny them what we ourselves have is to be racist, unloving, and (in my view) un-Christian. To say things like the talk radio host was saying, to call them “invaders” and talk in such angry terms about these people while at the same time considering ourselves to be Christians…even a brainless robot would see that “does not compute.” How much more should we thinkers, we beautiful creations of the supreme God, we loved since before time, how much more should we be able to see that if we are Christians, we must love. We must. There is no option. The supremacy of Christ in this world is also the supremacy of love.

(I think this also gets into issues in Darfur, war, the death penalty, and equal rights for absolutely everyone. But those are other entries for other days.)


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