Yesterday was the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. A friend and I did a kind of impromptu liveblog of it over Instant Messenger. He’s Nick and I’m Josh.

12:05 PM
Nick: Joey Chestnut!
Josh: haha
Josh: i’m watching it
Nick: really though, if Kobyashi pulls out a 61 or something
Josh: even if he wins people will say it’s because kobayashi had the jaw injury
Nick: i can’t complain
Nick: yeah, he needs to do 59 again
Josh: yeah
Nick: but really, i’m just looking for a good competition
Nick: i hope kobyashi doesn’t go barbaro on us
Josh: he can’t win with less than 55 and say it’s legit i think
Nick: and pull up lame
Josh: haha
Josh: me too
Josh: although it’d be funny to hear the announcers freak out if he did
Nick: yeah
Josh: “kabayashi is down! kobayashi is DOWN!”
Nick: that’s what i was thinking
Josh: ha
Nick: i love kobyashi’s entrance
Josh: me too
Josh: i love how absurd all of this is
Nick: i know
Nick: he’s a true competitor
Josh: haha
Nick: what?!
Nick: sonya thomas
Josh: she’s always in it
Nick: stole the pool players nicknmae
Josh: haha
Josh: oh yeah
Nick: there’s only one black widow
Josh: that’s right
Josh: jeanette lee
Josh: or something like that
Nick: yeah
Nick: fyi — sharpova in HD is very nice
Josh: haha, they’re showing the rock paper scissors championship this saturday
Nick: yeah, i know
Josh: i can deal with cheerleading and nascar, but there’s no way that’s a sport
Nick: i might have to dvr that
Josh: i was watching the sharapova/williams match earlier
Josh: sharapova was looking good
Josh: but not as good as in hd probably
Nick: she’s long
Josh: yep
Josh: i think she’s around 6 feet tall
Nick: kobayashi is going to compete in the krystal hamburger eating contest in chattanooga in the near future
Nick: i might have to make it out there to see him live in person
Josh: nice, you should
Nick: it would be something i could tell my kids about
Josh: oh, this guy has “naturally long incisors”
Josh: that’s an advantage
Josh: i love this mouth of the south guy
Josh: “direct descendent of daniel boone!”
Nick: oh yeah
Josh: haha
Josh: this bald guy
Nick: that last guy had trouble dribbling between his legs
Josh: oh my gosh
Josh: i saw that
Josh: haha
Nick: i think he’s out of breath there
Josh: i’m laughing out loud at that guy
Nick: me too
Josh: the original og eating gangsta
Nick: what a name
Nick: hall hunt
Josh: oh, this douche just did the gator chomp
Nick: he looks like a guy from reno 911
Josh: haha
Nick: i love the nicknames
Josh: yeah
Josh: “humble”
Josh: haha
Nick: this is going to overtake wrestling very soon
Nick: i think he was my science teacher in high school
Josh: i love this old guy too
Josh: haha
Nick: well she has quite the resume
Nick: even if she’s an imposter
Josh: no kidding
Josh: she’s the everything except hot dogs eating champion
Josh: shouldn’t his nickname be hot dog
Josh: ?
Josh: “burger” seems wrong at this competition
Nick: yeah, i bet all of her accomplishments were at country fairs
Josh: here’s sting
Nick: i like this guy
Nick: i saw an MTV true life episode on competitive eating
Nick: and he was on it
Josh: he just compared that guy to stephon marbury
Nick: yep, and jake plummber earlier
Nick: i love it
Josh: he dedicated the contest to nicky hilton!
Nick: i can’t get enough of this
Josh: me neither
Josh: this is incredible
Josh: i’ve watched it for the past three years
Nick: we need to create a majors of competitive eating
Nick: and have 4 events like this a year
Josh: they have a league
Josh: but this is the only one on tv
Nick: yeah
Nick: he’s got the game face
Josh: yeah
Josh: he’s serious
Josh: “gentlemen, start your enzymes!”
Josh: what a slogan before the commercial
Nick: i’m not going to lie, i’m kind of pulling for kobayashi
Josh: i am too
Josh: i want him to put down like 70 hot dogs
Nick: oh yeah
Nick: and i’d like joey to have a new personal best
Josh: how do you think bron bron will do hosting the espys?
Nick: not well
Nick: the commercials aren’t bad
Nick: but i don’t think that will work on stage
Josh: i think the commercial where he says he voted for himself “like a million times” is funny
Nick: yeah
Josh: i think kimmel will have to carry him
Nick: thats the first time i’d seen that last one about the super bowl
Josh: yeah, me too
Josh: chestnut hasn’t eaten for two days
Josh: that’s pretty serious
Josh: i love the count card girls
Nick: i think his stomach might shrink
Nick: i know
Josh: they’re calling this schilling-esqe
Nick: chestnut looks like he’s pressing
Nick: he’s wasting too much energy by bobbing
Josh: maybe
Nick: didn’t joey lead last year?
Nick: and kobayashi came back?
Josh: he’s doing the kobayashi shake thing
Josh: yeah, he did last year
Josh: it could happen again
Nick: it’s a marathon! i love it
Josh: 28 hot dogs in 3 minutes so far
Josh: that’s insane
Josh: i think kobayashi might be done
Nick: chestnut’s pulling away
Josh: unless chestnut went out too fast
Josh: kobayashi might be pacing himself
Josh: i think kobayashi is going to come back and only lose by one
Josh: i think he’s pacing himself
Josh: and chestnut won’t be able to keep this up
Josh: kobayashi might even win
Josh: he’s only down by three now
Nick: i know
Nick: chestnut’s shaking
Josh: this is intense
Josh: down by 2 now!
Nick: i think kobayashi’s has been pulling a rope a dope!
Josh: this is going to be a race to the wire!
Josh: one down!
Josh: kobayashi is ali!
Josh: he’s fooled all of us!
Nick: chestnut’s feeling the pressure!
Nick: he’s hearing footsteps!
Josh: kobayashi is breathing down his neck!
Nick: there’s still 4 minutes!
Nick: i need to know how this pace is compared to last year
Josh: they’re both going to get over 60!
Josh: the record set last year was 53.something
Josh: they’re going to crush that
Josh: 53.75
Josh: they’re both getting over 60
Nick: i know
Josh: chestnut is in trouble!
Josh: he’s struggling
Nick: he’s realizing he’s doing his best and it might not be enough!
Josh: a new nathan’s record!
Nick: they’re tied!
Josh: by both of them!
Josh: they’re tied!
Josh: kobayashi is going to win this!
Josh: two minutes left
Nick: this is truly incredible!
Josh: these two are ahead of the others by a mile!
Josh: less than half a dog difference!
Nick: i know
Nick: a new world record is coming!
Nick: this is amzing
Josh: a new world record by them both!
Josh: kobayashi pausing!
Josh: chestnut by one!
Nick: i know
Josh: tied!
Josh: neck and neck!
Josh: a photo finish!
Nick: truly amazing
Nick: kobyashi might have had a reversal!
Josh: he might be dq’d!
Nick: this was a great competition
Josh: give us the decision
Josh: is the belt back in america or not?
Josh: it’s too close to call
Nick: i think they’re going to the replay
Nick: they shouldn’t have wasted 45 minutes on pre game coverage
Josh: i think kobayashi had a reversal
Nick: they would have time to go over this
Nick: yeah, i do too
Nick: whoah!
Josh: chestnut wins unofficially
Nick: where did 66 come from?
Josh: i don’t know
Josh: it’s chestnut! chestnut brings the belt back to the u.s.!
Josh: happy july 4th!
Josh: usa! usa! usa! usa!
Josh: a new world record!
Nick: usa! usa! usa! usa! usa!
Josh: 66 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes!
Nick: i think kobayashi bonked
Josh: i don’t think his jaw hurt him, i just think chestnut was better today
Nick: yeah, me too
Nick: i was just happy it was legit
Josh: those count card girls are like the semi-attractive ones you see at a state championship boxing match
Nick: yep
Josh: i bet nathan’s put ads on craigslist for them
Nick: ha
Josh: i’m loving this spelling bee commercial
Josh: nevermind, that’s the intro from this year’s competition
Nick: what the heck? didn’t they already have the spelling bee?
Josh: spelling bee kids are like super-jocks compared to the geography bee kids
Josh: yeah, this is a rerun
Nick: ok, well i feel like my 4th is off to a great start
Nick: i’ve got to run to the store
Nick: i’ll talk with you later
Josh: i’m going back to tennis
Nick: oh yeah
Josh: i’m putting this chat online
Nick: oh yes
Josh: sharapova isn’t on anymore
Nick: what happened?
Josh: now it’s henin, and she kind of has a mustache


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  1. Rickey Henderson says:

    Strong work there buddy. Live blogging on the rock/paper/scissors competition also needs to happen.

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