I have two pictures for everyone today. The first one is my dog:

His name is Sir Charlie Chaplin but we just call him Charlie. We wanted something formal since it looks like he’s wearing a tuxedo. We got him from a rescue place 5 weeks ago. He’s about 10 pounds, is probably going to be about 25 pounds, and his mother was a beagle/cocker spaniel mix. You can see he looks a lot like a beagle, in fact he doesn’t look anything like a cocker spaniel. The only thing not beagle-ish is the ears and we think those look kind of like a pit bull’s ears before they’re docked. He’s a little stockier than a beagle too so that would help the pit bull father theory we have. He still likes to bite because he’s a puppy but we’re training him to be a good dog. He’s also very smart. I trained him to sit in like 10 minutes and now he sits whenever we tell him to. The second picture is my new tattoos:

I’ve had them for four weeks now, they’re totally healed and everything and the color is all set in. The red hand is a symbol from the Northern Ireland/Ulster Scots area my father’s mother’s family was from, and the rampant lion is from the Rhineland Palatinate in Germany, which is where my father’s father’s family was from. If you remember both of those grandparents died almost a year ago. I’ve blacked out my nipple to make the picture SFW, but you can tell the placement on my chest. I haven’t erased the chest hair because it’s sexier that way.

You know it is. Admit it.


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