On Fonts, Specifically Mine

This morning I completed a very important thing in my graduate school career: I chose a font to get me through all three years of school.

I had to find one that is in both Photoshop and Office and works with both Macs and PCs. Sure, I could have just used any random font and changed them up whenever I felt like it, but come on. You know I’m a font geek. The fact that I chose a font that I’ll use for everything I write in grad school (and the fact that it took me a good ten minutes to choose this font) shouldn’t surprise you.

So which font is it? I know you’re waiting with baited breath to find out. My first decision was this: Serif or Sans-Serif? I like a lot of the Serif fonts, for example Garamond is one of my all-time favorites and I also like Caslon a lot. But I decided to go with a Sans-Serif font. I was looking for a more modern feel and something that was a little less formal. But I didn’t want to go with a silly Sans font, so of course Comic Sans was out (and should be out for everyone ever). Helvetica is a nice Sans-Serif font but I felt like it was too common. I wanted something that would stand out just a little bit. I like Eurostile but felt like it was too skinny of a font. There wasn’t much weight to it, and with grad school I want something that carries a little weight. So, after some deliberation, my pick was (drumroll please)…

Century Gothic!!!!!!!!!!! (Please note that the name of the font was not written in the font itself. Xanga does not support Century Gothic font.)

It’s a nice, clean Sans-Serif font, it carries a weight but still looks rather minimalist and light, it doesn’t change size or weight much when bolded, and the change is not extreme when italicized. I think it’s an all-around good choice, and one that will serve me well for the next three years. Look it up yourself on your computer if you want to see what the font looks like.

And yes, you just wasted a few minutes of your life reading about my font choice.


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