So I leave for Chicago in like two weeks, where I’ll get to see all the architecture during the day and free time at night, and I’m going to see Wes Anderson’s new movie on the twelfth, which is a big deal for me because it’s in limited release and it’s not here in Charlotte but it will be in Chicago when I’m there. We’re also going to see the Farnsworth House, which is near Chicago and is one of the all-time great buildings of Modernism.

There isn’t much news lately, except that we’ve been given another precedent study in studio class, and this time I have the Nasher Sculpture Gallery by Renzo Piano. I didn’t know any of his work except a little bit about the Centre Pompidou in Paris, but the Nasher is really a pretty brilliant building. You might want to check it out.

Also, I finished Of Love and Other Demons a couple days after I bought it (see a previous entry) and it’s really very good. I should have read some of Marquez’ stuff earlier, and now I want to read more.

EDIT: so they just played a Regina Spektor song on a weird JC Penny commercial.


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