This morning I became part owner of a professional soccer team. In real life.

I’d signed up for this thing called myfootballclub a few months ago, and today they announced the team they’re buying. What happened is this guy came up with the idea that a group of fans could run a team just as well as a board, so he made a website where people could sign up and pay 35 pounds and then that money would be pooled together to buy a real team and try to guide them to the upper tiers of English soccer. Over 50,000 people signed up, of which I was one, and when we paid we had enough money to buy a team. Each of us members gets one share, which gives us one vote each on every aspect of the club. Team selection, lineups, sponsorship deals, basically any major decision that the club needs to make.

And today we agreed in principal to buy…Ebbsfleet United. It’s a team in the National Conference, which is the fifth tier of English soccer (so it’s like buying a minor league team except much bigger and there’s a chance of them eventually getting to the Premiership), and if they gain promotion they’ll be in the Championship 2 league, which is only a couple steps below the Premiership. They’re located in Southeast England, in Kent, and they’re a team on the up-and-up with a great young manager and a good fan base. They’ve got a decent stadium and they’re looking to move or build a new one soon. So they’ve got a bright future. Will this team ever get to the Prem level? Maybe, maybe not, but as of right now I am part owner of a professional soccer team, and that’s plenty good enough for me.


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