okay, so the semester is over except for a couple little things, the review of my shipping container market project went well yesterday, and it’s nice to be able to sleep again since i didn’t get much the past week.

also mike huckabee is somehow leading the polls in the national republican race.

things are cool right now.

also i’m visiting nashville next week. ladies get excited, dudes get jealous.

EDIT: i really want to mention this too: brad pitt was on larry king live tonight talking about his “make it right” campaign. it’s probably too late to watch the program unless you can find an internet version of it somewhere, but i’d encourage you to go to http://www.makeitrightnola.org and look at his project. maybe you can’t donate money or anything, but you can still get into the spirit of the idea. he’s working with some really fantastic architects and also with bill mcdonough, who’s a really brilliant sustainable thinker. go check out that link, please.


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