Since universal healthcare is a major issue in this election, here’s an article from the fantastic Burnside Writers Collective about it. Maybe socializing healthcare isn’t the solution, but… I don’t know, I’m at least beginning to think about it in good terms instead of bad ones.

There are some issues where I’m starting to see a disconnect between my Libertarian viewpoints (which I truly do believe in and think it’s even the most Christian view to have) and certain issues which I think the government may need to address. Universal healthcare is one of them. While churches and people can do their part and help people get emergency care, the main part of universal healthcare is the type of continuing care people need. Perscriptions, checkups, etc. And maybe, I can’t believe I’m saying this, maybe the government should be helping people in this area. Maybe an expansion of medicare. It kills me to say this but maybe we in the modern church do need a little help from the government.


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