I know I’m sort of writing in here less and less regularly, but there’s not much to say. I go to school and do the things I learned I love to do, and be around people I truly love, every one of them. Right now we’re working on a house for a musician and a clockmaker, and I’m trying to fit in ideas about the North Carolina jazz connection and also something that deals with the fact that John Cage taught at Black Mountain for a few years.

So, since John Cage wrote the brilliant and beautiful 4′ 33″ (wiki it if you don’t know what it is) I’m trying to fit silence into my design as a major idea. I’m working with silence and commotion, order and improvisation, peace and noise. It’s the most in-depth thing we’ve worked on, and it’s taking a lot of my strength to really deal with the silence the way I want to. There is a quote that says, in effect, architecture is not good unless it is peaceful, and I believe that, and I want this residence/studio to have peace and some point of silent beauty, some place of transcendental experience. I want it to have the one big important gesture that makes the whole rest of the building worthwhile, and I’m finding that when you truly try to understand silence and peace it’s kind of energy-sapping.

But I love this stuff so much.


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