After keeping a pretty regular schedule of a new entry every few days for the past couple years I feel like I’ve been neglecting this or something. It’s not that, really, and I even have time to fire off a short entry whenever I want to, but it’s just that school is basically all I’m thinking about. And that’s okay, but it just means that I don’t have anything to really write about anymore.

The current studio project is a plan for a music retreat up in the North Carolina mountains. The mountains of Thomas Wolfe and my ancestors and ghosts and the Penland School for Craft, on whose campus this music retreat is supposed to go. We’re doing this project in groups, which I’m having to learn to deal with, and it’s taking some getting used to because everyone goes about their design work differently, but I’m enjoying it. It’s the first sort of master planning project we’ve done, and it’s an interesting process. Especially when working with such a varied landscape as those North Carolina mountains.

I’m going up to Nashville for, basically, one day to see some old friends and hear them give birth to this musicbaby thing they’re been working on. I’m taking The Girl with me, which is nice because all my friends can meet her and she can help me drive. Dating does have its advantages.

Be good to people.


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