God is alive, and we along with God.

Tonight at the Easter Vigil service, my priest spoke about how we Christians know absolutely nothing about that which our entire faith revolves around. In Matthew’s gospel, where tonight’s reading was from, the actual resurrection is never described. The women come, and the angel says Jesus is already risen and they need to go home and tell people.

The most central thing to our faith is never actually described. We know nothing about it. We cannot try, as we Christians tend to do with things in the Bible, make it agree with science or use it to judge other Christians or try to own it or do anything else besides just let it be.

It has happened, and that’s all we know. Jesus rose. We don’t need to be told anything else. Everything that is important is wrapped up in that simple passage. Jesus has risen. We are told nothing else besides that.

So what must we do with it? We have no other choice than to do what the angel said to the women. Go tell. Tell other people that the Being who created and rules the universe would appear to human beings he loved.

We have no other choice but to love. Wholly. Unconditionally. Atheists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Homosexuals, Heterosexuals, Black, White, Brown, Men, Women, Poor, Rich, Children, Adults, Everyone. Because love is what was given to us when Christ rose. Love always wins.


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