So, uh, evidently there’s a movie called “Helvetica” and it’s all about typefaces.

You can imagine how excited that makes me. I’ll have to talk my sister into adding it to her Netflix queue.

Also, by the way, the new Panic At the Disco album? Surprisingly good. They’ve moved beyond the whole teen radio stuff and into right into pop territory. Not like current pop, I mean like real pop, the 60s kind of pop music. It’s not as perfect as the Wilco album, which I think might be the best pop record in decades, but it’s like Panic At the Disco is saying “we hope we’ll be able to keep our old fans, but we’re going to make a record that introduces them to the stuff their parents used to listen to when they were teenagers.” It’s got Beach Boys and Beatles and Cheap Trick influences, and while it’s not a masterpiece or anything like that, it’s worth a listen. It’s decent.


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