so today for some reason on the national geographic channel it’s been like superbiblemarathon day or something, and they’ve been running all these shows about did so-and-so exist and where is such-and-such now and all that. which we’ve been sort of watching off and on since there’s absolutely nothing else on this saturday. but anyway when it got to be 5pm they stopped showing bible stuff and switched to a show about jails? and so i kind of wonder who made the lineup for today, because that’s kind of a funny thematic switch.

unless the lineup maker was just being subtle about their religious beliefs, like trying to tie christianity to prison or christianity to freedom. if that was the case then maybe the lineup maker is more clever than i gave him credit for…

maybe being the guy who makes the lineup for the national geographic channel requires a psychology degree (or at least a minor in it).

if i can’t get an internship this summer i’m throwing around the idea of trying to hitchhike or hop trains and ride around the country for a bit. like at least a month. maybe not the trains so much because i think it might be illegal, but i’ve kind of always wanted to try to travel as much as i can with as little money as i can. i could even make one of those hobo luggage things with the bandanna on a stick filled with cans. i think it’d be cool though, and i could learn about myself and others and the world.


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