there’s a really interesting article on the burnside writers collective site right now about socialism. i find part of me feeling very comfortable with socialism in some areas, and i wonder if there is some sort of political belief system that is a mix of socialism and libertarianism, because that’s likely what i would be. maybe i’m a socialibertarian. maybe just a christian. anyway, here’s part of the article (it’s long but worth the few minutes to read it), and i’ll point out for the hundredth time that if you’re not regularly reading the burnside website you should be:

“I am calling for a lifestyle of community and compassion. I am calling for a society marked by justice and equity. I am calling for a society which recognizes that some of us are born on the starting line while others are born halfway to the finish. While refusing to overlook the weightiness of individual sin, we must go toe to toe with the outside influences and environmental factors that cripple our brothers and sisters and keep them pinned in the gutter…

…When many in our society are trodden underfoot simply because someone else has the “right” to make more money than them; when the top ten percent of the population controls eighty percent of the world’s wealth; when people I love are working two and three jobs and are still struggling to survive; when the bootless are called to pull themselves up by their bootstraps; when sinners are held in bondage by principalities and powers that throw sand in their eyes and make daily power plays to keep them from breaking free, shouldn’t the people of God be locked in battle? If not, the Old Testament prophets wasted a lot of breath.”

the rest of the article can be found here.


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