Today is the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination in Memphis. As I have read more in the last couple days about what King was working on in his last days, not so much equality for Blacks as equality for all poor people, I feel a stronger connection with the man and his work than I used to. That’s not to say I didn’t feel any sort of connection to him before, only that it is obviously easier for me to feel a connection with a cause that is not solely about African-American civil rights. However, civil rights is what he is known for and it is something that is still a big issue today. We still have remnants of the White/Black racial divide, we have our new type of people to repress because they are not like us (the gay community), and we are currently working hard to ensure that no Mexicans ever take our God-given right to the land we stole from the Indians.

So, on this 40th anniversary of the death of a man who was not perfect but was striving to join with others and work towards perfection, I’d like to point you toward one of the great writings of the past few decades:


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