Does Tibet = Guantanamo?

You might have been hearing stories about how the Olympic torch has been met with protests and people trying to extinguish it as it makes its way around the world. The city government in San Francisco has been openly calling for people to protest it (although they probably mean peaceful, sanctioned protests instead of trying to actually stop the torch) and today in Paris people actually extinguished the torch twice and they had to cut the route short and get the torch back on a bus where they had backup flames waiting.

I think this is a good thing. Now, I’m all for the Olympic torch and like the idea of an eternal flame being carried from Athens and all that, but if they’ve got backup flames waiting just in case, I say do whatever you can to put it out. China gets away with their human rights atrocities because they’re a major world power, but I think they ought to be protested on these issues. A country shouldn’t get away with that they do to their own people and what they’re doing in Tibet just because they give us cheap goods.

I mean, we used to boycott Olympics hosted by communist countries, didn’t we? But this time it happens to be a communist country with Favored Nation status.

Of course, we also used to be able to say that China was one of the worst human rights violators on the planet, but I guess that was before our own government turned into a pro-torture regime.


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