What do Stravinsky and a groundbreaking early emo band have in common?

Lately it’s been kind of impressed upon me the power of love and rebirth in this world. I guess it’s easy to feel like things are good when the final projects are turned in and you can spend time with friends outside at night drinking wine, smoking cigars, and talking, but it seems like this spring has been really something special so far. It’s just, I don’t know, there is a kind of peace about things. There is a kind of happiness way deep down when I hear friends say they are happy, or when I see an old dear friend and her beautiful baby. There are times when I feel this very deep and meaningful connection to those around me, times when it’s so easy for me to see the divine in people and in nature, times when the relationships I have with those around me are so clear, so fulfilling, and so necessary.

This definitely seems like one of those times. It’s like this feeling of love for other people that is almost a palpable ache, and I see the joy and creativity and energy flowing around a place like the architecture building I spend all my time in, and sometimes it’s almost too much to take. Sometimes I just can’t hardly believe that we humans can be capable of things so good and so inspiring, and that we can be capable of doing deeply relational things like just sitting outside and talking over a couple bottles of wine.

I very much believe that love wins, and always has won, and always will win, and right now it’s so easy for me to see that.


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