Okay, so here’s the story (morning glory): I didn’t get hired by any of the firms I interviewed with at school, so I was planning on working a temp job until Levi’s wedding in July and then spending the rest of the summer driving myself around the whole country, begging for gas and food money along the way. Meet some people, see a few things, maybe make a few mistakes. I was pretty excited about it and felt like it could be a really good experience for me.

But it turns out they’re starting a new research and design group at school dealing with affordable housing and sustainability. Basically what I got into architecture for. It’s going to start this summer and they’re designing a few houses and actually building one of them. And, well, they were sending out emails about how we should go to such-and-such a room today at such-and-such time if we wanted to be involved in it. Four others from my studio and I jumped at the chance to do something like this, and we went to the meeting today and were told, basically, “Well, thanks for coming. Send me an email and we’ll start right after finals. You can work 40 hours a week if you want, and there will be a small stipend.”

So, as excited as I was about seeing new people and places on my big road trip, I feel like this is an opportunity I can’t pass up. To be the first group of students involved in this new thing the school is doing, and to design some prototype affordable/sustainable houses and work with a contractor and client to actually-for-real-like-we’re-going-to-be-the-construction-crew build one of them. It seems like it wouldn’t be smart to pass up something like this. Hopefully I can do the road trip another time.


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