I’ve been trying to get some shorts to wear this summer, and since I kind of hate shorts anyway I thought I’d just go to Goodwill, buy dress pants, and cut them down to shorts. I’ve been working on the hemming and all, and tonight I tried to use mom’s sewing machine. Apparently it’s not such a good machine and the hems are going to have to be hand-sewn. Which is too bad. But hey, shorts for 4 bucks, you know?

Today I decided to ride the nice new light rail here in Charlotte since I had a pass for a free round-trip fare. They don’t have tracks through most of the city yet, so you can ride from one end to the other in about 15 minutes. So I parked at the first stop in the suburbs and rode it into downtown to walk around a bit. I decided to go to the main library branch since I’d never been there, and I cannot express how disappointed I was in it. It’s awful. Like awful enough it made me want to throw away the library card I had just applied for. Unless there’s like some special underground room that you have to have a secret code for and that’s where all the good stuff is… it’s a really sucky library. The CDs suck, they’ve got like 50 movies, the fiction section is so small I really thought it was the magazine section until I walked into it. But yet the non-fiction section takes up an entire floor. And apparently there’s no children’s or young adult section either. I walked around the whole building (in about 5 minutes) and didn’t see those sections at least.

So, to sum up, pants into shorts = good. Charlotte downtown library = laughably bad.


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