If this summer thing I’m doing at school would start anytime soon, that would, you know, that would be nice. They’ve said it’s supposed to start after Memorial Day, so I’m hoping that means next week, but they haven’t sent me an email saying that for sure. But I’m raring to go. Champing at the bit. Straining at the reins. And other horse racing analogies .

It’s just that I get bored at home. I’ve got a great book to read, One Hundred Years of Solitude, and a couple magazines too, but I’m sleeping too much and too late, and I don’t like that. I try to find things to do during the day, but there’s only so many random errands you can run before you run out.

Plus I haven’t designed anything in a few weeks and it’s starting to get to me. I got used to always working on something, always pouring my creativity into something, always go go going, and now that I’m not working on any projects I feel like it’s starting to built up in my head. Like a stopped-up drainpipe or something. But I don’t know if that’s necessarily a bad thing. I might not be designing anything in reality but I’m sort of constantly designing things in my head, and the fact that I’m not doing anything tangible helps me to edit my ideas a little better.

During school time constraints dictate that I pretty much get my ideas out fast and change them as I go, which doesn’t always lend itself to the best result. With the way things are now, I keep my ideas in my head and change them as new ideas comes to me. I’m constantly adding to, refining, and gathering new sources of inspiration. This results, I hope, in something truly special once it comes out. And who knows whether it ever really will come out in a single project. It’s quite possible that the ideas I’m gathering and refining now will come out in some or all of my projects in the future. It’s obviously clear that as a student the things I’m learning will affect my future work, but I feel like these things I’m learning and understanding now are some really major things and could lead to a leap in my design. Maybe not a kind of epiphany, but I feel like I’m at least starting to understand this architecture stuff, and I haven’t ever felt like that until now.

But I’m still bored at home during the day. That’s just a result of being by myself.


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