There is a book that will be in stores Monday written by former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan. In this book, McClellan makes the claim, among other scathing criticisms of the President and his administration, that Bush deliberately lied to the American people about his motivations for going to war with Iraq.

If this is true, and to be fair there’s no real way to know if it is or not and the White House is denying it, then the President should not only be impeached, as Mr. Sullivan calls for here, but I believe he should be tried for war crimes. One of course could make the argument that members of the government should be tried for war crimes anyway because of their torture tactics, but I am not willing to go that far yet. What I am willing to say, though, is that if the President deliberately lied to the public about the reasons for going into a war that has cost thousands of innocent lives, he should be punished severely for that and should be made to appear before a war crimes tribunal.

The White House is denying these claims and saying they’re a product of a disgruntled former employee, and that may be true, but this seems like a story to keep track of in the future.


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