I got really frustrated tonight because my bookcase isn’t going to work like I want it to. Maybe I should tell the backstory to this.

I have too many books for the one bookcase I have, especially now that schoooool’s out…for…summer! and I have time to scour bookstores and thrift stores to find books, plus all the architecture books I’ve accumulated in the past year. So I’ve been looking around for a short bookcase that I can fit into a corner near my closet. The only real bare space on my wall, and it had to be a short one because I had a painting on the wall, so I couldn’t cover it with a normal tall bookcase. Anyway, I’d been looking around for a bookcase. I found one the other day at the Habitat for Humanity store; it’s a pretty nice one, with three shelves and sliding glass doors in the front. I brought it home and it fits right into the space for it, and so I started moving my books around and figuring out what sort of system I wanted to use (fiction is easy–alphabetical by author and then alphabetical within each author– but non-fiction is a little harder). I figured how I wanted to do it, but here’s where the frustration comes in: when I went to put books on the new bookshelf I realized the top shelf is too short for almost all my books and the second shelf is too short for a great many of them. It wasn’t designed to be a bookshelf, obviously, so I can’t complain along the lines of “what kind of idiot designs a bookcase with short shelves?” but it still totally messes up any kind of system I could put in place, and I’m even going to have to stack books on the top shelf because that’s absolutely the only way to fit books on it. And I shouldn’t have to tell you how frustrating it is to have to stack books on a shelf. It wastes space (something I don’t have much of in the first place) and it’s a terrible way to categorize and store books. So I got so stressed out over the whole thing that I stopped with a bunch of books still on my floor and hardly any on the new bookshelf. Maybe I’ll try it again tomorrow.


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