I Don’t Need No Bruce Willis to Rescue Me

This past week and a half in Nashville has really been exactly what I needed. I’ve been able to catch up with close friends and become a lot closer to a couple others, and it’s brought some of the renewal I feel like I needed. Last weekend all but one or two of us from college were together for Levi’s wedding, and it’s the first time since we graduated that we’ve all been together; it was really the sort of cliche reunion weekend you see in movies, where it’s like everyone just saw each other the week before and it all works out perfectly. But cliches aren’t always bad. And it was good to see how people have grown up and changed, and how we might all relate to each other at this point in our lives. It was a really comfortable weekend, and there was never a time where I felt awkward or nervous or like I wasn’t home. And I’ve gotten to hang out with one of my friends, who I realize is basically the perfect girl, a lot in the past few days and it’s been nice to see how her life is progressing and how we’re dealing with some of the same issues right now.

Could I move back here? Absolutely. If I wasn’t in school in Charlotte I’d move back here in a second. But as much as I do really love the city itself, as much as I do believe in the vibrancy and spirit of Nashville, it’s really been impressed on me during this trip that what makes it feel like home is the people here. I think this wedding in Indiana was the first time we’ve been in another place as a group, and it surprised me a little that the same feeling of being home was present there. It’s the people and not the place. So, when I’m done with school, could I move to Boston, where this previously mentioned girl is moving to? I could. Could I move to the northeast, where maybe my closest friend (and possibly another one of my very close friends, soon)is living? I could. Could I move back to Nashville, where people will still be? I could. Could I move to Los Angeles, where my sister is living? I could. Could I move to another country or to Chicago, a place I am very much in love with and have publicly said it would be a dream come true to work there? I could, but if I am honest with myself I know it wouldn’t be the same without these people there.

Home is, to shamelessly use another cliche, where the heart is. And the heart is captured by my friends; I am a hostage of sorts, and every time I see my captors I become renewed, inspired, and reborn.


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