Spending most of the summer in Rock Hill is not the thing for me, man. I need vibrancy and it is not found here. I need people and porches and patios. I need Yazoo beer and wine and cigarettes. I need shows and even a part of a city where only the too-cool-for-their-own-good people go. I need the West End and the East side, Broadway and 21st. I need Fido and Portland Brew and Baja Burrito and Bookman/Bookwoman. I need The Kitchen Sink and trivia night. I need hugs and handshakes, grilling out and spaghetti. I need sleeping on couches and feeling kind of grimy. I need so much more than is found here in Rock Hill, or Charlotte, or wherever I am right now.

Oh, what did I do to myself by going back to Nashville?


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