Reading, Writing, but no ‘Rithmetic (That’s for the Engineers)

I found out the other day that I’m going to be able to work as a teacher’s assistant for the professor who teaches the architectural history classes. While it will add more work to my already full schedule, I’m pretty excited about it because it’ll pay for gas money and I’ll get to work with some history and research kinds of things. This professor I’m going to be working with has written and studied pretty extensively and has a couple degrees from Ivy League schools, so she definitely knows what she’s talking about. It’ll be nice to work with someone like that and might help me get a better feel for whether or not I want to think about writing about architecture besides just practicing it for a career. I do think I might be interested in some of the theoretical/writing aspects of the profession, and there’s also the thought that if I can’t get a career started out of the whole high-level-but-low-cost stuff I want to do, I could fall back on writing about why that kind of architecture needs to be done (I think there are a total of zero people writing right now about how architecture might tie into Christianity, but I don’t know how many publishing houses want to try to market something like that).

But anyway, I’ll get to do some grading and some research stuff and maybe get a little more familiar about the writing side of this architecture thing I’m trying to do. Should be a good opportunity for me. And I’m excited about this coming semester; I’m looking forward to getting back to designing and the mindset it puts me in.


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