Today I was able to see one of my old friends and her baby, and it was startling how much her son had grown since I had seen them in May. I know babies grow up, but…

I have very few friends with children, and this friend and hers is really the only one I get to see on any sort of regular basis, and since I usually see my cousins and their kids only once or at most twice a year, seeing this little kid grow up over his eight months has been the first time I’ve been able to experience this kind of thing. And it’s always so amazing and inspiring to see this kid. Each couple of months I see them he’s gotten a little bigger, and now he’s just starting to crawl and speak, and it’s like the best thing in the world for the couple hours I spend with he and his mom, catching up on things. It’s just, I don’t know, seeing a person grow is such a fantastic thing, and it’s nice to be able to experience it.

It’s that way, I guess, whether it’s a baby or an adult or any age in between. To be able to see a person grow physically, emotionally, spiritually, intelligently… it’s a special thing. It’s a good thing to invest yourself in other people, to spend time thinking about them and wanting good things for them, and when these people that we care about grow and change and become more and more like the person they are supposed to be… it’s like nothing else.


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