Okay, I’m Probably a Liberal, So Sue Me

Probably some of you have heard of a guy named Frank Schaeffer, or his dad, Francis Schaeffer. They were/are both important Christian thinkers and people who helped to found the Religious Right movement some years ago. Point is, the guy is not someone whose opinion can just be blown off as uneducated or misinformed.


I don’t know how many of you watched the Saddleback Church debate the other night between candidates McCain and Obama, but this article briefly mentions that debate while talking about a larger issue in this campaign: that of abortion and Obama’s pro-choice stance (and seriously, everyone, please take with a grain of salt all the “that black man wants to kill all babies and throw born babies into frying pans and he wants to even kill every baby in America with his bare hands!” stuff that’s coming from the more hysterical Religious Right leaders like James Dobson).

I’ll admit this article isn’t the perfect defense of Obama’s stance, and sometimes Schaeffer seems to make large jumps in logic and use inflamitory scenarios to further his point, but it’s worth reading.

Another blog entry to check out is this one, by my friend Steve Knight, who gives his current views on the issue. And I should say, in the interest of full disclosure, that I am of basically the same thinking as Steve is.

So if you want to know my view on the issue, read Steve’s blog entry because I don’t feel like writing my opinion out when Steve already covered it so well. And please read the Frank Schaeffer article. There must be a better response to this issue than the knee-jerk reaction so many of us grew up with.

Pro-life means pro-life, across the board.


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