Like Someone Might Hold a Crying Child

I used to keep a blog on but it’s sort of dead over there by this point, at least among my friends and me, so after trying out a couple other blogs I’ve decided to make my new home here. This blog won’t have a theme, necessarily; it’s going to be just like my old blog in that I make a post whenever something catches my interest enough to make one. The older entries you see below this one are old posts I imported over; this is the first real entry here. But skim the old ones if you like, there’s about a hundred of them.

About the blog address: I’m a graduate architecture student, and study models are what we make in the process of fleshing out a design. Study models are made quickly, are often messy and not so literal. They can be changed, torn up, added to, and taken away from. But they always end up beautifully. The similarities between that and life, which I guess is what I try to blog about, seems pretty obvious.

So hi. Welcome. Stick around, maybe.


3 thoughts on “Like Someone Might Hold a Crying Child

  1. Fred says:

    So, you’re not putting me on your blogroll? I’m hurt. :)

  2. josh says:

    Sorry, I forgot. I’ll add it.

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