In Which I Look Back On a Quote From Forty Years Ago

I came across this quote on the always-challenging Ecclesia Collective blog and thought it was not only relevant to the type of Christianity that I believe we are given in the Gospels and the life of Jesus, but also strangely prescient when thinking about current economical and political issues:

“There is not much time left for us to redeem the American promise to our poor and dispossessed, for they are not disposed to wait longer. We who are white and affluent must therefore stand behind responsible leadership who crusade for change in peaceful, nonviolent ways, or we shall shortly be confronted with irresponsible leadership who crusade for change with revolutionary violence. When this happens–and if we fail now, I deeply believe that it will–our choice will be between repression and insurrection, and neither of these is to me a viable option for a free society.”

– Stephen G. Cary, The Intrepid Quaker (from a statement made before a judge during his hearing for participation in the Poor People’s Campaign)

I’m sure all one or two of you are waiting with baited breath for an blog post about who I support for the Presidency and why, but for now think about this quote and how we as human beings, organisms endowed with a special ability and responsibility to live in harmony and cooperation with each other, can allow this kind of thinking to work itself into our heads and out into our daily life. How can we live the way we should towards “the least of these?” How can we further these ideas of helping those in need, nonviolence, and love? How can we begin to understand more deeply that we absolutely must live in concert with each other? There is no option on this, there is no moral choice, there is no dilemma: we must live an others-centered life. Supposedly we are created in the image of the creator, and there is no better way to reflect that image, and thus realize our full potential as humans, than to love others.


3 thoughts on “In Which I Look Back On a Quote From Forty Years Ago

  1. Fred says:

    Check out this post by Scot McKnight. He has a good perspective.

  2. josh says:

    i definitely agree with that link. i didn’t mean for this to sound like a post that supports one candidate or another; no matter who wins our mandate is still to love and to work for the less fortunate.

  3. Fred says:

    It’s okay if you see one candidate as embodying those ideals more than the other, as long as we remember that it’s really our job no matter who wins.

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