In Which I Ask Questions of God

A link from Andrew Sullivan’s blog about Christianism and the election. Please read it, it’s short.

Today in Boston I went to an anti-war rally for a little while. It was kind of a jumbled mess of every fringe political group and some hate speech masquerading as peace.

Oh my (nonexistent in the way we think of him/her/it) God, what have we become?

But then I have met some people up here and the question turns into “oh my (existing in those around me) God, why am I so blessed?


One thought on “In Which I Ask Questions of God

  1. Fred says:

    That prayer is a bit scary. Unfortunately it also seems to be typical of those who equate being a Christian with being a conservative, Republican American.

    As to what we have become, we have become people who forget that each person has worth, being created in the image of God, and that each of us is in need of God’s grace.

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