In Which Banksy Is a Genius Again

I’m a big fan of this artist named Banksy, a so-far-anonymous British guy who started out doing graffiti stenciling, then moved onto larger art pieces (although he’s still best-known for the graffiti). He’s sort of a rebel artist and has had to keep his identity secret to he won’t get arrested (although I’m sure part of it is that he realizes an anonymous artist is more interesting than a known one), and he’s done stuff like smuggled his own art into famous museums to see how long it would take someone to notice his purposefully terrible art. His art always deals with social commentaries and he’s done some charity-type work in war-torn parts of the world. Anyway, I think he’s completely brilliant and one of the top people in art today. I can’t say enough about this guy, both for the social commentary his art has and also just the sheer talent he has.

He recently unveiled a new exhibit in New York (an example of the “branching out from just graffiti” I mentioned above) dealing with animals and food, and from this video on Andrew Sullivan’s blog, it’s another genius piece of work from the guy.

Watch it here. And find out more about the project here.

Google or Wiki him. I think you’ll find something special.


One thought on “In Which Banksy Is a Genius Again

  1. Banksy used to have this great anecdote on his website from WWII in which some brilliant allied soldiers handed out lipstick tubes to the women and girls being liberated from concentration camps. The lipstick, or so the anecdote says, and not the food or the medecine or the clothes, was what made them feel normal again.

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