In Which I Summarize

So, right, I’ve written on this blog about this semester a bit, both the good and bad things about it. My final studio review was Monday (I’m in the process of collecting images to put up on Facebook for any interested parties), and all I have left before the semester is really and truly totally over is a couple final exams and one small project to turn in. But the bulk of it, the studio work, is over.

The review on Monday went well. Surprisingly well, actually. We only had about 20 minutes each, so my worries about little things like gaps in my model or tiny errors in my drawings were unfounded since there wasn’t time for the jurors to talk about those things. The parts I was most focused on were the parts the jurors felt were most successful, and the things I knew weren’t quite right were the things they questioned a bit. So, overall, a really great review. And I was happy with how my project turned out. There were times when I kind of felt like the design was getting away from me, but I was able to make some choices and corrections that brought it back to where I wanted it to be. I’m definitely pleased with it. And now my Comprehensive studio is over, so it’s all topical studios from now on; I’m thrilled about that.

The only thing I wish would have gone differently on Monday was that I didn’t get the jurors I would have liked to have had. They had us split into two groups, and one of the groups had the client we designed for and also a fairly well-known architect named Charlie Menefee. He teaches at UVA now, but he started working in Charleston (where our site was) and he taught one of the studio professors we had, so he came down for the review. I was able to watch some of the projects he critiqued, and was really impressed with him. So I would have liked to have been able to have him review my work, but oh well.

So now what am I going to do over the break? Well, a few things. I’m going to read quite a bit, I’m going to spend next weekend (after my finals are over) at a monastery a couple hours from here, I’m going to spend a week in Nashville for New Year’s, and I’m hopefully going to be involved in putting together a publication of some kind for the School of Architecture. A couple of my classmates are trying to get it started and with my background in writing and editing, I’m going to be in on it if it gets going. I’m also going to see family and friends, go to a couple shows, and generally relax and renew after this semester. Next semester looks like it’s going to be really great, and I’m already looking forward to it. But for now… rest.


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