In Which the Semester Nears Its End

I’ve only got about a month left in the semester. Five weeks I guess. But it’s getting busy enough that nothing exciting happens outside of school, which is why I’m not updating this as often. So: a quick update on school and then a poem I found a few days ago which I liked quite a bit.

Okay, school. In studio I’m working on a single-family house for the rest of the semester. Since that’s what I want to do for my career if I can, and the professor is letting us pick any building type on our site from the first half of the semester, I chose to do a house. I’m going to have to be more in-depth since it’s a smaller scale than the buildings everyone else is doing (community centers, retail, high-density housing, etc.) but I’m pretty excited about being able to do a single-family house for the first time in school.

My elective class is going really well and it’s easily my favorite class this semester. Our most recent project was to take photographs, and the ones I took ended up getting pretty great responses. I used one of my grandpa’s old cameras and it took really beautiful photos, and I think the set I came up with got across a concept clearly and attractively. I’m very happy with how it turned out, and I loved being able to do a kind of art I’ve done before and had some success with. There was a certain comfort in working in a familiar medium.

My other two classes are going well too. In one class we have to build a shadowbox based on an architect and an artist, and I chose Rural Studio and Banksy, so I’m working on how to put that all together. The way I have it designed right now has a pretty complicated Rockite pour, so hopefully I can pull it off. We’ll see. In my other class it’s all writing right now as I’m trying to revise and rewrite a couple previous short papers in preparation for putting together a pamphlet by the end of the semester.

Overall, things are cool right now. I’m going to live out in Los Angeles with my sister for two months at the beginning of the summer, hanging out and doing some research for a possible thesis topic. Also hopefully I’ll be working so I can have some food money. Anyone know a job I could get for two months out there?

Okay, so the poem I saw the other day. It’s called “October” and it’s written by a guy named Frederick Seidel; it’s part of a set of poems he wrote about each month. I know it’s not October right now (in fact Spring just started and it’s all pretty gorgeous weather), but I think it’s a really beautiful love poem and right now, as plants start to bloom and my part of the world wakes up from Winter, the world seems ripe for that kind of thing.


It is time to lose your life,
Even if it isn’t over.
It is time to say goodbye and try to die.
It is October.

The mellow cello
Allee of trees is almost lost in sweetness and mist
When you take off your watch at sunrise
To lose your life.

You catch the plane.
You land again.
You arrive in the place.
You speak the language.

You will live in a new house,
Even if it is old.
You will live with a new wife,
Even if she is too young.

Your slender new husband will love you.
He will walk the dog in the cold.
He will cook a meal on the stove.
He will bring you your medication in bed.

Dawn at the city flower market downtown.
The vendors have just opened.
The flowers are so fresh.
The restaurants are there to decorate their tables.

Your husband rollerblades past, whizzing,
Making a whirring sound, winged like an angel–
But stops and spins around and skates back
To buy some cut flowers in the early morning frost.

I am buying them for you.
I am buying them for your blond hair at dawn.
I am buying them for your beautiful breasts.
I am buying them for your beautiful heart.


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