In Which Right-Wing Radio is Terrifying

On the way home today, after I got out of range of the sports talk station, I turned my radio to the local right-wing talk radio station to see what they were talking about. I disagree with almost everything they ever say, but sometimes it’s interesting to listen for a bit. This is the station in Charlotte that carries Rush Limbaugh’s show, if that tells you anything about what the station is like. Most of the local hosts lean a little more libertarian than Republican, though.

Anyway, today one of their more inflammatory hosts was filling in for the usual afternoon guy, and evidently the topic was about certain requirements that should be in place for welfare recipients. One of the two was drug testing, and fine, whatever, I don’t mind that so much because if the government is going to do the whole drug wars thing they might as well ask that people to whom they give money not use drugs. That’s not what got me so angry and made me change to another station.

As more callers called in, many of them said they agreed with the host on the “drug testing and birth control thing.” Since I didn’t hear the beginning of the discussion I didn’t understand what the issue with birth control was at first. But as the host began to talk I realized to my horror that she and the callers were saying that people on welfare should be required to be on birth control too, because since they can’t even support themselves they obviously can’t support kids too.

And this is the scariest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Setting aside all the moral questions in some circles about birth control itself (which is a complicated issue I don’t want to get into here), it sounds to me like what these people were saying is that poor people shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. They were saying that if you didn’t make a certain amount of money, if you were below the poverty line, then you shouldn’t be allowed the joy and experience of bringing a child into the world. You shouldn’t be allowed to create life and further the human race unless you have enough money.

Oh my God, forgive us. We don’t know what we do. We’re monsters and don’t even realize it.


One thought on “In Which Right-Wing Radio is Terrifying

  1. Fred says:

    Unfortunately, there have always been people like that. It’s the same mindset that caused the Holocaust, the purges in the Soviet Union, the killings in Rwanda and Sudan, slavery and Jim Crow laws in this country. It’s the idea that some are better than others and some are not fit to live.

    It is scary.

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