In Which I’m a Brewer

My dad and I made homebrew beer from a kit I bought and it actually turned out pretty well. The people at school who I’ve given some to have liked it; I’m excited about making more and trying out some different varieties. This batch I’ve made is your basic pale ale with a little honey mixed in, and it’s a good spring beer I think.

Besides that I finished my shadowbox project and was happy with it to a large degree. It wasn’t exactly how I wanted it to be but I think it turned out pretty well given the materials I was working with. I think the aesthetics of it got across the ideas I was trying to present, and that’s really what mattered for this project.

Grading papers for my TA position is taking up so much time (there’s almost 60 students!) but it’s something I really enjoy. I get kind of excited when I talk to students in the class, or if I find out they enjoy writing and can do it fairly well. It’s a bit of a thrill to be able to grade papers and give them feedback, I just wish it didn’t take so much time when I’m already busy with my own schoolwork. But I’m getting paid so I can’t complain. Straight cash, homey, and all the other urban phrases associated with money (it’s actually not even straight cash because it’s a direct deposit paycheck, but “direct deposit, homey” doesn’t sound as good.)


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