In Which I’m Well On the Way

Right now I’m in Texarkana, Texas after leaving Nashville this morning. Every time I’m there I regret ever leaving my friends and moving back to Rock Hill. A lot of us hung out last night and it’s so special to me to be able to see  them becoming photographers and learning how to fix up a house and getting jobs and getting married and buying houses. A few of us were talking later about how we couldn’t believe it had been four years since we graduated college. The passage of time is sort of impossible to understand sometimes.

So then I left in the morning and drove to the Western edge of Tennessee and then all the way across Arkansas and to the eastern edge of The Lone Star State. The driving has been easy so far, and the radio just goes and goes with me. I knew the sort of scenery in Tennessee, but I’d never driven through Arkansas before and I was surprised to see it’s basically like a slightly more hilly Illinois. A lot of farms, a couple crop duster planes that skimmed the highway in front of me, and nice highways for driving long distances.

And now I’ve driven the furthest West I’ve ever driven and I’m in Texas for the first time. Next is Dallas and Renzo Piano’s Nasher Sculpture Center. Then New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and the golden West Coast.


One thought on “In Which I’m Well On the Way

  1. Fred says:

    Glad to hear your trip is going well.

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