In Which The Scale of Things Changes Pretty Suddenly

I’m in Albuquerque, New Mexico now and the trip is still going really well. I’m well over halfway there now, which is nice since I’m getting a little tired of being in the car so much. My joints feel like an old man’s joints from being in the same position for so many hours at a time.

The things I saw today were some of the most beautiful examples of nature I’ve ever seen. Near Amarillo is the second largest canyon in the U.S., Palo Duro Canyon. Five bucks got me in and let me explore as much as I wanted. Since I had to be to Albuquerque tonight I didn’t really have time to go hiking, but I drove the loop road at the bottom of the canyon and walked around for a while on the rim and down inside it. It was really pretty stunning; I don’t even know what to expect tomorrow when I go see the Grand Canyon since it’s nearly seven times as deep and twice as long.

After leaving Palo Duro I drove across the Texas/New Mexico border and into the most wide open space I’ve ever experienced. As I was driving along I knew the land I could see around me stretched for miles, but without any buildings or anything I didn’t understand the scale of it until I noticed the sky ahead of me was filled with these really amazing clouds. I just kind of mentally figured it was like when I see clouds at home: in a few minutes I’ll be under them and then past them. I focused back on the road and kept driving. After about half an hour I noticed the clouds looked like the same ones I had seen earlier. I looked in my rear view mirror and only saw clear sky. I’d been driving for that long and hadn’t gotten noticeably closer. After another 30 minutes I was finally driving under the clouds I had seen an hour before. And I wasn’t just creeping along, I was going 75 the whole way. When I finally understood how large the space I was in was, it completely blew me away. It’s like nothing I’d ever seen before. It’s just miles and miles and miles of grass, hills, scrub trees, and clouds.

I didn’t go to church this morning but I found God today anyway.


2 thoughts on “In Which The Scale of Things Changes Pretty Suddenly

  1. Fred says:

    You know of course, that you’re making me extremely jealous.

  2. Josh says:

    I know it’s not possible next month since you’ve already bought your plane tickets, but you and mom really ought to think about driving a trip like this sometime.

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