In Which Vegas Is The Epitome of Ridiculous

I drove from Flagstaff to Las Vegas yesterday; the drive, just like every other drive I’ve made on this trip, was stunningly beautiful. It’s interesting to me to see these places in person and realize how much I didn’t know about the scenery out here. One example: I didn’t realize there were so many mountains out here. I guess I thought Las Vegas and the surrounding area was just out in the desert. These mountains are so gorgeous, and I’m excited about seeing the Rockies on the way back home in a month. I also saw Hoover Dam; it might be the most impressive man-made object I’ve ever seen. It’s so large and impressive.

And now I’m in Vegas, and it’s just like everything you’ve ever heard about it. Everybody is spending all their money and pretending, at least a little bit, to be someone else. But that’s not so bad, is it? Sometimes pretending to be someone else can be a lot of fun, and Vegas is as good a place for that as anywhere else. One thing I learned quickly though: if you’re a pretty girl, or with a pretty girl, you can get into the clubs fast and without a cover. If you’re a guy by yourself, like me, you’re paying the cover and waiting in line.

I walked around the casinos last night till about 4 am and made 60 bucks playing 5-dollar blackjack and different casinos. I’m going to go out and win some more tonight. And who cares if I lose all my money anyway, it’s only my kids’ college fund, right?

The more I listen to this mewithYou cd, the more in total love with it I am. It’s really a special musical work.


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