In Which I Made Vegas My B*t**

If anyone has ever told you anything about Vegas, no matter how outrageous, it was probably true. So I don’t need to describe it anymore. Casinos, blah blah blah, neon lights, whatever.

I did win 75 bucks playing 5- and 10-dollar blackjack though. Won 60 the first night, then lost 80 really quickly the second night but made 95 at one table in another casino. So 75 total to the plus side. It was kind of cool leaving the blackjack table and walking over to the cashier with a 100-dollar chip. I also made a couple really small NBA playoff bets, because what sports fan goes to Las Vegas without going to the sport book in the casino?

Now I’m in Los Angeles and will be here for about a month before making the drive back across the country to home. On the way into the city today I saw a place having a big sidewalk sale of wholesale Ed Hardy stuff. The douchebag level of the people checking out the sale nearly blew my car off the road.

(I just checked and the spellcheck on this thing recognizes “douchebag” as a valid word.)


One thought on “In Which I Made Vegas My B*t**

  1. Eric says:

    i love the ed hardy mention – hilarious

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