In Which The Beach In Santa Monica Is Colder Than I Thought

I’m here in Los Angeles, and we went to the beach today. For Memorial Day they had a thing at the pier where Veterans for Peace had put together a miniature Arlington Cemetery where they had a field of crosses, each one representing an American death in Iraq. There were 4300 of them, including four flag-covered casket-size boxes for the four killed this week. It was incredibly hard for me to look at all of it, and I didn’t stay there for long. Reading the message book visitors had signed also hurt quite a bit.

Other than that, things are perfect here so far. Jennie has two Australian girls visiting her now, and I wonder why so many Americans just don’t travel like people from other countries do. Maybe it’s lack of money, maybe lack of time, or maybe it’s cheap American ego, but it seems like young people from other countries travel a lot more than we do; I don’t really understand that. I don’t get how people can just spend their whole lives without seeing the world. The cultures, practices, and ideas found outside of this country, outside of our little personal American boxes, make life so much richer.

Lastly, this blew my mind today. Lebron’s last-second game winner the other night also blew my mind. I think it was a major turning point not just for the series, but for his whole career.


One thought on “In Which The Beach In Santa Monica Is Colder Than I Thought

  1. Fred says:

    I think the Magic would beg to differ about the turning point for the series. :)

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