In Which Hollywood Actresses Love Me

California is still amazing. A bunch of us went to the Dodgers game last Friday night and saw a ninth-inning, two-out comeback followed by post-game fireworks and then a cool bar afterwards that had the most incredible wallpaper I’ve ever seen. Then mom and dad got here Saturday, and they’re here for a week which has been really great so far. But I have two Hollywood stories:

Hollywood story one: The first night I was here, a couple weeks ago, one of my sister’s friends was shooting the pilot for a show he’s pitching to Comedy Central. We all went to be extras as a favor to the friend, and this scene was at night in the back garden of the main setting for the show, a tea shop. Without telling you too much of the story (mostly because I don’t know all the details), this scene involves the guy who played Rufio in Hook getting high and dressing up like Rufio and quoting lines from the movie from the roof of the shop. So I met the actual guy who played Rufio in Hook, and a few other actors who are all friends of the guy shooting the pilot.

Hollywood story two: Last night was the wrap party for the pilot, and my sister and her roommate and I were invited. The director who my sister and roommate know is dating Brooke Burns, actress and game show host. She’s one of the characters in the pilot too, and was at the party last night. She hadn’t met my sister or me yet, so the director is introducing us all. Hugs all around. Then as we were leaving, hugs all around again. So I hugged Brooke Burns twice. Two times. And she told me “sweet dreams” the second time because we had been joking about how I’m sleeping in my sister’s backyard shed.

Two times. And sweet dreams. I think Brooke Burns wants me.


5 thoughts on “In Which Hollywood Actresses Love Me

  1. sookie says:

    oooh annee, sounds like you and your sis are having a great time in cali. holla atcha over at mcmahoniacs :-)

  2. christy says:

    thank you.

    p.s. what should i do if brooke burns shows up to ellie’s run?

  3. malazgirt says:

    do you think that brooke burns wanted sleep with you ?

  4. Josh says:

    haha, no, not at all.

  5. malazgirt says:

    she has a boyfriend at the moment :)

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