In Which I’ve Seen Some Beautiful Things Lately

Two things. First: I went to see mewithoutYou in concert last night and they’re just as good as they always were. I’ve already written about how brilliant I think their new album is, and they played a good mix of songs from the new one and the two previous ones. They didn’t play anything off the first album, but I think the band was in a different mental place back then and they don’t like to play the really old stuff anymore. Which is fine. But man oh man are they still great in a live show. All the energy and passion is still there and added to it is a kind of immediacy and joy. Their music still makes me dance around as much as I can in the middle of a fairly packed-in group of people.

Second: as a bit of a weak segeue from partly Islamic music to a current Islamic political issue, yesterday I went to the protest here in Los Angeles for democracy in Iran. I’d guess there were a couple hundred people there, mostly young students around my age, and largely female. It was just as inspiring to see people who believe in an issue and come out in numbers to support their beliefs, and also to hear every car honking like crazy as it passed. Keep up on that stuff in the news, please. Don’t be ignorant to what’s being done to innocent people in that part of the world. This is turning into one of the most important times in recent history, on par with the fall of the USSR, because it’s turning into a protest not only against the election, but against Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme leader of the country and possibly the top voice in the entire Muslim world. This calls into question the entire system of hardline conservative Muslim government, and does serious damage to the idea that Muslims do not want democracy and the idea that hardline Islamic law is the right kind of law. This oppressive and evil system of thought is being shouted down by hundreds of thousands of Iranians right this second, and if this system topples (and there are indications it really might because of the similarities of these protests to the ones that started the 1979 revolution in Iran) it will be a huge deal that will send shockwaves throughout the whole world. It will not destroy Islam or anything like that (and it shouldn’t, Islam is a valuable faith) but it will destroy the age of Ayatollah Khamenei and his oppressive practices.

(pictures of the rally are up on facebook)


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