In Which Vermont Is As Good As I’ve Heard

I’m in Vermont now, sitting on the front porch of a little cabin in the woods as I write this. It’s beautiful here. Peaceful, green, quiet, primitive. There is a stream behind me, and there are waterfalls which we might go swim at next Sunday when we have the day off. There’s also a swimming hole across the street, which we were told is “usually nude, and more guys than girls.” I don’t think we’ll be hitting that up, I don’t really want to see a bunch of naked dudes swimming around.

After dinner we rode bikes down to the gas station nearby and bought beer. Then we played bocce ball out in the grass, and talked and laughed in perfect weather until it got dark.

So far it seems like these next two weeks will be a continuation of what’s been a really good and valuable summer for me. While I was in California, and especially on the long drives there and back, I had a lot of time to think about what kind of architect, and even really what kind of person, I wanted to be. I think being out here in the middle of Vermont will let me have more of that kind of time.

But for now I am here, I am calm, and I am content.


3 thoughts on “In Which Vermont Is As Good As I’ve Heard

  1. rex says:

    The summer is running to its end profusely, there is so much to prep, think, refine, decide, and execute with the remaining three weeks. Let us wish we can get a head start to save ourselves in the up coming semester; let the writing guide our minds toward the dawn of the finale on our tour de architecture.

  2. williamhudson says:

    Hey man, are you there with your classmates from school? Or strangers? How many people?

  3. Josh says:

    I’m here with two classmates, and then there are people from other schools/walks of life too. there are 13 of us total. this place is amazing.

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