In Which There’s No Light Pollution

Last night I left the studio around 10:30, completely in the dark. We’re out in the middle of Vermont, with no real towns around, so there’s not the electric light haze I get at home. I didn’t have my flashlight, so I thought I’d wait for a few minutes outside and let my eyes adjust to the darkness and see if I could get back to my cabin in the woods without any light.

There were clouds that rolled in about 8, and I thought there would be a thunderstorm like there was the night before. But as my eyes adjusted to the darkness like I thought they would, I realized the clouds had moved away and the sky was completely and totally clear. After only five minutes I could see more stars than I’d ever seen in my life, and by the time I finally walked back to my cabin, after another ten minutes of just looking up into the sky, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Every star twinkling, shooting stars, different constellations than I see in the South, and the cloudy band of the edge of the Milky Way. I’d always heard you could see the Milky Way, but I never had before. Not even when I was at the monastery in South Carolina, which was pretty out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere. But here… man, the stars are unbelievable.


One thought on “In Which There’s No Light Pollution

  1. rex says:

    Back in the date when I was in Hong Kong people were crazy about going to “country side” of the concrete jungle for stars gazing. And the definition of starry skies in a city that is overly light polluted is about seeing a handful of blinkies on the white-washed dome hover above the neon skyline.

    Moving to America, this definition changes drastically; I don’t have a convertible, and I wish to death I do, but on a cool summer night, I enjoy the cool breeze brushing my cheek through the elongated Coupe window and the little puncture over my roof; watching the twinkles as my headlight guide my way…

    I am sure the experience in Vermont is much more poetic and sublime, maybe I will see the same in Ithaca

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